A unique combination of Thermal Break with high aesthetics and functionality, which offers a strong identity to every space.

Modern design with the soft lines and elegant curves leaves an authentic sense of perfection meeting all modern architectural requirements.

The series is also available with the Multilocking Mechanism. It offers high thermal insulation.


  • Opening system

  • Offers high level of thermal insulation Uf=2.5 W/(m2K) (according to IFT Rosenheim certification)

  • Also provides extra security levels with antiburglary WK2 and WK3 certifications (available with optional Multilocking Mechanism)

  • Certified for air permeability, water tightness and wind resistance, coefficient of thermal conductivity and noise reduction

  • Oval design: 2 sizes of sashes (small and large), 4 sizes of frames

  • Rectangular design: one frame, two sashes (small and large)

  • Double or triple glass from 23 to 53mm thickness for better thermal and sound insulation

  • Single or triple security locks

  • 3 rows of rubber providing ultimate sealing

  • Usage: Thermally insulated opening systems (doors, windows, projected, reversion, fixed frames etc.)



  • Straight and curve line design

  • 3 sizes of sashes (small, large, opening outwards)

  • 4 sizes of frames

  • 3 rows of rubber between the frame and sash provide ultimate sealing

  • Double or triple glass 23 to 53mm for better thermal and sound insulation

  • Safety profiles using perimetric locking mechanism for maximum security

  • Can be combined with EUROPA 6000 and EUROPA 10000 for complex structures


  • Entrance doors

  • Opening (tilting or not) windows of any typology

  • Fixed Glazing

  • Mixed constructions

  • Opening security windows (WK3)


QUALICOAT: Certification process of the electrostatic paint
EKANAL: Certificates for air permeability, water tightness and resistance to wind load
IFT Rosenheim: Factor of thermal conductivity for frame
A.U.TH.: Factor of thermal conductivity for window and Factor of sound insulation
Roto (International Technology Center): Burglary Resistance Certificate WK3


Aluminium Alloy: AIMgSi-0.5 F22
Hardness: 12 Webster
Minimum coating thickness: 75μm
Profile thickness: 1,4mm
Tolerance according to: EN DIN 12020-02
Factor of thermal conductivity for frame: Uf=2,5W/(m2*K)
Factor of sound insulation: Rw(C;Ctr)= 40(-2;-6) db
Dimensions of Frame: 78mm x 50mm
Dimensions of Glass sash: 69,3mm x 78,5mm
Glazing thickness: 23-53mm
Polyamide width: 24mm
Maximum sash dimensions for multilocking profiles: 1,1m x 2,6m
Maximum sash dimensions for basic profiles: 1,1m x 2,6m
Maximum sash weight for multilocking profiles: 140kg
Maximum sash weight for basic profiles: 100kg